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Top 10 reasons to hire an applicant with a disability

  1. Motivation: employees report to work every day ready, willing and able to perform.

  2. Dependability: employees with disabilities have lower rates of absenteeism; reports of perfect attendance are not uncommon.

  3. Flexibility: when asked, employees will often fill in for co-workers who have missed their shifts.

  4. Attitude: employee pride is demonstrated by coming to work with a positive, can-do attitude.

  5. Job Retention: employees are known for being loyal to their employers and often remain at their jobs for years, thereby reducing turnover.

  6. Pre-screened: every effort is made to pre-screen candidates for employment to ensure that the applicant meets the minimum qualifications of the job.

  7. Training: if needed or desired by the employer, the person can be trained to the employer's specifications by skilled job coaches thereby reducing employer training time.

  8. Pre-insured: workers are often (but not always) pre-insured with health benefits.

  9. Expand Market Share: employees with disabilities can relate better to customers with disabilities, who represent $1 trillion in annual aggregate consumer spending.

  10. Employee Morale: many businesses report that employing people with disabilities increases the morale and productivity of every employee.

Hiring a qualified worker with a disability makes good business sense. Employers tell us that these attributes have sold them on employing a qualified worker with a disability:

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